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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Vintage Western Bags GONE WILD!

Welcome Back Vintage Purse Fans!  I'm in a wild and crazy mood today and blame it on my addiction to vintage western, dresses, and especially bags!  So, if you share my need to ooh and aah, keep reading because I have some stunning western bags for you to view..

The first one is a show stopper, for sure!  A vintage western bag from the 20's that is just says "look at me"...

Deco Vintage Purse

Deco Vintage Purse - SOLD

Now, if you liked that one, you may be liking this next one with some very cool engraving...

Vintage Western Engraved Leather Bag

Tooled Leather Shoulder Bag from the '60's - BUY NOW

This next one is a favorite of you just don't see everyday!  Actually, many of these vintage western bags are originals as they are handmade by leather artisans...

Vintage Texas State Tooled Leather Purse - SOLD

Now, this next Vintage Brighton purse looks "cowgirl" all the way... : )

Brighton bag

Vintage BRIGHTON Leather Bag with Silver-tone Filigree - BUY NOW

And, for all you that like big is an exceptional vintage Brighton case that is to die for!...

Vintage Brighton Case - BUY NOW

Well, that's about all for this WILD FANTASY of vintage western bags!!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did...I just love looking at 'em...and drooling a little bit. : )

Be sure to check out all our vintage bags and other items in NEWPRAIRIESTORE.
So, until next time...CHOW!

Monday, February 19, 2018

LOVE Those Vintage Coach Bags....don't you? : )

Coach Saddlebag

Vintage Coach Saddle Bag - BUY NOW

Howdy Vintage Purse Fans!  Back for more vintage fun this week - spending some time "oohing and aahing" over some excellent condition vintage bags.  Really, after over 20 years - what clothing or accessories fair as well as the Coach Bags?  So, with lots of use left, it's cool to see how they have stood up against time...

This first bag (above) is a rarely seen Coach Saddlebag Purse.  Made in the United States, it is so impressive!  Sure to get lots of compliments with this..

And the next one...that is simply DREAMY! a Coach Leatherware bag that is EXTRA LARGE (I love those large bags, don't you??)...
Chocolate Coach Leatherware Purse

EXTRA LARGE Coach Leatherware in Chocolate Brown - BUY NOW

Now, for a juicy morsel!...this Coach Leatherware bag is very RARE as far as color and that it is an envelope bag, to boot. Just check out the luscious leather even after more than 30 years...

Burgundy Vintage Coach Envelope Bag

RARE Coach Burgundy Envelope Bag - BUY NOW

And finally, an oldie (but goodie!) from the eighties for those business tote people...a great tote for a small laptop or tablet, carry a book and pens, other important items...much will fit into this beautiful vintage Coach bag! Just check it out...

Vintage Coach Laptop Briefcase Bagg

Authentic '80's COACH Briefcase Laptop Bag - BUY NOW

Well, vintage purse fans...all good things must come to an end (but not really!)...will return soon for more Vintage Purse FUN!!

But, for now...CHOW! : )

Check out Newprairiestore to see all the cool vintage!!

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Vintage Briefcase Extravaganza!

Welcome back Vintage Purse Fans!  It'll be a great year for vintage purses this new year and I'm still crazy about all things vintage, lol!!  How about you?  : )

So, for all you vintage purists out there that love the look of "true vintage", not a reproduction of something someone thinks looks vintage - check out these gorgeous vintage briefcases....

This first one is a beauty!  It was made in the late '80's (or possibly early '90's) and the leather has so much character to it, it is fabulous. All vintage lovers would drool over this one!!

Coach briefcase

Authentic Vintage Coach Briefcase from late '80's ~ BUY NOW

And, now for one of my favorites...a stunning Brighton Western briefcase that is hard to find.  Just check this out all you Brighton lovers!...

Vintage Brighton Western Briefcase ~ BUY NOW

All vintage Coach fans will love this gem with a great distressed look.  Sure to get lots of compliments!...

Distressed Coach Briefcase

Vintage Distressed Coach Briefcase ~ BUY NOW

So, that's just a sampling of some of the vintage bags we carry and hope you enjoyed this Vintage Extravaganza!  We have much more, if you care to look.  Just mosey on over to our vintage prairie shop, NEWPRAIRIESTORE.  

Until next time....CHOW! : )

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Shop Opening Soon (vintage Coach, Dooney & Bourke, and many more)

Hey Vintage Purse Fans!  It's been awhile, but a new store will be opening in the future with lots of cool things...all your favorite vintage Coach, Dooney's, Italian designers, and many more!  We will have a whole section on just vintage purses!!  Am really excited about the shop - it will have so many different things that it will be like a general store!!  We've already started to work on this super fab new website, it is currently under construction (and will open in 2018).

We have always been proud to offer truly authentic vintage items and welcome the chance to sell to our valued customers without competition from copies and fakes.  We believe that has affected our business to sell where we are in competition with these kind of wares on some of the major sites.  So, this is a huge leap for us, but it is a leap of faith that selling the "real McCoys" will win out.  We do not wish our brand to be thought of as anything but high quality and authentic!  We have served customers since 2006 and plan to continue into 2018.  The store is set to open soon, but we may have some sneak previews and early bird sales?

We feel that we have built a good enough brand that you will trust us to give you everything you expect in vintage purse fashion and beyond...  

Friday, October 30, 2015

Store Re-opening on November 2nd!...

Vintage Purse Collage
Hi Vintage Purse Fans!!  Am excited to announce that our vintage purse store, NEWPRAIRIESTORE, will be re-opening on November 2nd..., keeping checking back to see all the goodies we have in store for you!

Until next time.... CHOW! : ) 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vintage Coach Purse Gallery Part V

Vintage Coach Purse Collage

Welcome Vintage Coach Purse Fans!  I'm sooo happy to be here with another Vintage Coach Purse Gallery!!  These purses are just so awesome, they are cooler than cool - hehe.  : )

Think you'll agree that the quality of these older Coach bags are unsurpassed and they have both a high fashion, yet simplistic look to them.  So, without much more adieu, here are some I really love...

This bag is a pretty large one, so if you are liking lots of room in your bag...this is for you!  Made in 1990, it's a beauty.

Brown Vintage Coach Shoulder Bag
XTRA LARGE Vintage Coach Shoulder Bag - BUY NOW

And, if you are looking for a nice tablet briefcase, this UNISEX briefcase should hold a tablet and lots of papers, too.

Vintage Black Glove Tanned Leather Coach Organizer Briefcase
Vintage Black Coach Organizer Briefcase - SOLD

And, this black leather one from 1992 has the coolest brass buckles...looks very sexy with many different outfits...

Vintage COACH Black Glove Tanned Leather Shoulder Bag BRASS BUCKLES made in 1992

Vintage COACH Black Shoulder Bag BRASS BUCKLES (1992) - SOLD

This RARE Saddle Bag Style Coach Bag (late 1980's) is a gem!...

RARE Vintage Coach Purse
RARE Saddle Bag Style Vintage Coach (late '80's) - BUY NOW

Made in New York City in the seventies, this exquisite vintage Coach Leatherware bag is gorgeous! The bag is marked inside "Leatherware", a special characteristic of these NYC '70's bags. In a rare rust color, it would look great with fall fashions.  
New York Coach Purse

New York City Coach Leatherware Purse (1970's) - SOLD

Whew!...what a dizzying collection of bags to go through AND there are many more.  So, maybe this will go into Part VI, lol?! 

Well, hope you enjoyed looking at all of these beautiful bags.
Until next time.... CHOW!! : )

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Monday, July 20, 2015

Big Sale and Store News!

Vintage Purse Sale
We're pretty excited about all the happenings in Newprairiestore and just have to let ya know...

One BIG HAPPENING is our 20% Off Storewide Sale!

Also, we are busy adding new vintage purses and other items to the store and we hope you will enjoy browsing through all our new stuff!

So, check us out! 

Until next time...CHOW!! : )

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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