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Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Purse News: Vintage Purses From Around The World

Welcome Vintage Purse Fans! ( from newprairiestore )

Don't you agree that vintage purses are sooooo cool?  They are very exciting to me and there's a lot to be excited about!  Vintage purses let you stand out, if you want, and make a definite fashion statement.  Plus, nothing echoes individuality more than having a bag that no one else has...

...and, what bags are more obscure than a bag from a far away land? 

Check out these very cool, neat, & somewhat obscure purses from around the world...

This Harold Powell bag is made in Italy of Italian leather, probably one of the first Mock Croc bags...a very beautiful purse, indeed!  It looks very stylish with nearly any outfit.  If you want a stunning look of style, this purse is PURE CLASS!

Straight from Morroco, an exotic Four Winds bag made of Morrocan leather.  This bag has the "flavor" of Morroco in it with it's very artistic design:  unique shape, engraved silver metal, braided leather strap with leather tassels, and a handmade, craftsman look that is very appealing! 

Moving across the ocean, here is a bag from Mexico that is very gorgeous!  It's a vintage Avelar bag that has such exquisite craftsmanship, I think you'll agree!  Pictures say it all...check this one out!...

Going a little bit south to the country of Brazil, here is a purse made of Brazilian leather that has a look of mystique.  And, Brazilian leather is very much desired today as it has always been.  Check this one out!

Vintage Brazilian Leather Purse ~ Sold!

Now, traveling just a little bit, check out this beauty from Columbia.  As you may know, Columbian leather has an appeal much like Brazil.  In my opinion, bags from these two countries have a look of quality and style with a contemporary look that will never go out of style.

Vintage B. Young Black Columbian Purse ~ Sold!
Well, that concludes my journey around the world, for now.  We have sold vintage bags since 2006 and have many "stories to tell".  So, until next post...have a great time living your unique vintage life! : )

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